At the heart of the Camargue, La Chassagnette’s GARDEN draws its uniqueness from the soil of the Rhône delta. Either native to the Camargue or from further afield, vegetables reign here, each one of them waiting for the ideal HARVESTING time.

Armand Arnal’s intuitive CUISINE follows nature’s rhythm finding a subtle and essential harmony in its fertile sobriety. A succession of expertise, from the gardener to the cook, which leads to an intuitive creation of a MENU highlighting nature’s flavours without restraining them.

Through the chef’s ENCOUNTERS, both far and near, bonds are created and come to fruition, blossoming into sensual and spiritual INSPIRATIONS.


sunday october 25th 2020 FROM 10:30 AM

Passionate winemakers, Benoît and Sébastien Danjou have taken over the family winery in the early 2000s. The family property is located in Espira-de-l’Agly, a small village near the Pyrenees Mountains and the Cathars coasts. There, the Danjou brothers grow their vines in the most natural way possible. 

The estate is composed of 17 hectares of vineyards and about thirty forests, fields, fallow-land. It has a collection of carefully tended and guided old vines, grown with a hands-off approach to produce the finest, most powerful and representative wines of the region.

Conducted with a respectful method, the production pays particular attention to its environment: biodynamic soil cultivation, reforestation, diversification of the vegetation around the vineyards...

Sharing a lot of similarities with La Chassagnette’s philosophy, we are delighted to welcome Benoît and Sébastien Danjou for a wine-tasting masterclass, followed by a gourmet menu with sublime wine pairings.

Program of the day

10:30 - Welcome of participants

11:15 - 12:15 - Presentation of the family winery by Benoît & Sébastien Danjou and wine-tasting masterclass

12:30 - Visit of the vegetable garden

13:00 - Food & wine pairing menu elaborated by the chef Armand, his team and the Danjou brothers

€ 125/PERSON

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