La Chassagnette | Michelin starred restaurant in Arles | Chef Armand Arnal

La Chassagnette

At the heart of the Camargue, La Chassagnette’s GARDEN draws its uniqueness from the soil of the Rhône delta. Either native to the Camargue or from further afield, vegetables reign here, each one of them waiting for the ideal HARVESTING time.

ARMAND ARNAL’s intuitive cuisine follows nature’s rhythm finding a subtle and essential harmony in its fertile sobriety. A succession of expertise, from the gardener to the cook, which leads to an intuitive creation of a MENU highlighting nature’s flavours without restraining them.

Through the chef’s ENCOUNTERS, both far and near, bonds are created and come to fruition, blossoming into sensual and spiritual INSPIRATIONS.



On Monday July, 31 and August, 14 2023, from 7:30p.m., La Chassagnette will be buzzing to the ever more tropical sounds of David Walters and Da Vince, with surprises by the Heavenly Sweetness label.

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A comet-like dinner. On the evening of Monday 17 July, Armand Arnal will be inviting Masayo Funakoshi, from restaurant Farmoon in Kyoto, to celebrate the new moon.

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La Chassagnette is taking part in the 8th edition of the Refugee Food Festival, which is supported by Elvira Masson.

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Phone +33 (0)4 90 97 26 96

Address Mas de la Chassagnette, Route du Sambuc, 13200 ARLES, FR
Opening hours /
For lunch: from Thursday to Monday between 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.
For dinner: on Fridays and Saturdays between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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Gourmet Encounter
La Chassagnette x Roc d’Anglade
On October 27th and 28th 2017
From 8:00pm on

Food and Wine Pairing Menu, 5 Flavour Notes
€ 125 / person


Cooked and Raw Red Mullet, Ginger & Rocket
2016 - Roc d’Anglade Rosé – IGP du Gard

Beetroot Gnocchi, Pomegranate Syrup
2015 - Roc d’Anglade Blanc – VdP du Gard

Candied Peppers, Cuttlefishes & Chickpeas, Braised Sea Bream
2012 - Roc d’Anglade Rouge – VdP du Gard

Ceps & Olives, Cannon of Lamb
N°4 - Roc d’Anglade Rouge, Reserva Especial – IGP du Gard

2015 - Roc d’Anglade Rouge – IGP du Gard

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Located in the Gard department, the small village of Langlade has gained a name for wine production: in 1696, Louis XIV presented the village with a coat of arms in recognition of the court's appreciation of its wines. Today, nearly 150 acres are cultivated by 6 wine-growers keen on pursuing the history. Rémy Pédréno is one of them: he owns the highly-reputed Roc d’Anglade vineyard.

Founded in 1999, Roc d’Anglade is a 19-acre vineyard where Rémy Pédréno cultivates its vines with biodynamic techniques. For this former executive in an IT company, the harvest is manual and led by his senses: it is by testing grapes that this autodidact wine-grower estimates when to start picking, without any ripeness test.
Fineness and emotion are two words defining well these “vins de pays” that are now found in more than 80% of Michelin-starred restaurant cellars.

Rémy Pédréno philosophy
Human beings and life respect are at the heart of our approach. We obtained an organic certification in 2011. According to us, the wine is not an end in itself but rather a way of expression and communion, with the terroir, the vintage, our fellows and also with ourselves!
We want to elaborate lively wines, offering a renewed pleasure at every stage of their “lives”. These will be wines to drink at home with our loved ones. Moving wines which speak to all, allowing us to know and recognize each other.

For this new Gourmet Encounter, la Chassagnette restaurant invites you to discover the Roc d’Anglade wines thanks to a special food and wine pairing menu!
Join us on October 27th and 28th*, from 8 :00pm on!

*In the presence of Rémy Pédréno